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Land Your Dream Job

Stand out from the competition and catch the attention of recruiters with our tailored resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Our AI-powered technology analyzes job descriptions to create personalized career documents that align with job requirements. Let us help you land your dream job with our customized approach.

Boost Your Visibility

Unlock your career potential with Setforwork's perfect LinkedIn Profile module. Our cutting-edge technology will help you create a polished and professional profile that showcases your skills and experience while expanding your network.

Ace your interview

Our technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze the job description and generate a comprehensive list of common interview questions that are specific to the role, helping you develop winning interview strategies that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Beat ATS Screening

Don't let your resume get lost in the initial screening process. Our AI-powered technology optimizes your documents for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to ensure they get past the screening and land on the recruiter's desk. With our service, you can be confident that your application is not overlooked due to ATS algorithms.

Export Text Results in PDF & Word

Our's export feature is the ultimate tool for job seekers who are looking to streamline their job search and increase their chances of success. With our easy-to-use platform, you can export your all your documents in both PDF and Word formats.

Stand Out from the Crowd

With our AI-generated thank-you emails, you'll have a competitive edge in the job market and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Plus, our service is quick, convenient, and affordable, making it accessible to job seekers at all levels.

Setforwork Uses most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Technology

Our cutting-edge technology, including the most sophisticated artificial intelligence and comprehensive scientific algorithms, gives you a competitive edge in the job market. Our tailored resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interview preparation, and thank-you emails are designed to showcase your unique skills and experience.

Take control of your career and achieve your goals. Don't settle for anything less than the best - try Setforwork today and take the first step towards landing your dream job!

Setforwork Templates

A lot of AI templates that will allow you generate any text within seconds

Grammar Checker

Ensure error-free content for maximum impact.

Career Path Builder

Unlock your potential with dynamic career paths.


Develop Expertise

Boost your career with tailored development


Elevator Pitch

Craft perfect elevator pitch.


Personal Biography

Craft dynamic bio, showcase achievements.


Online Resume

Set yourself apart online with a standout resume.


LinkedIn Post Ideas

Generate captivating LinkedIn posts ideas.


LinkedIn Post

Maximize your personal brand potential.


LinkedIn Post Title

Develop an attention-grabbing LinkedIn headline.


Interview Questions

Supercharge interviews with job ad-based Q&A's.

Company Research

Uncover valuable company insights.


Thank You Email

Elevate your impact with personalized thank you's.

LinkedIn Makeover

Highlight achievements with LinkedIn section.


LinkedIn Summary

Stand out: Optimize LinkedIn summary.


Industry Challenges

Uncover industry challenges proactively.


Cover Letter

Tailor your cover letter to perfectly match the job ad.

Impactful Resumés

Craft a captivating resume with your achievements.

Resume Summary

Construct a magnetic resume summary.

Customer Reviews

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Basic Package


USD / Month

  • 20000 words
  • Resume summary
  • Resume Cover Letter
  • Resume Section Builder
  • Thank you email
  • Interview Questions
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Professional Package


USD / Month

  • 50000 words
  • All Basic +
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Career Path Builder
  • Grammar Checker
  • Competency Development
  • Industry Challenges
  • LinkedIn Summary
  • LinkedIn Section Builder
  • Company Research
  • Brainstorm LinkedIn Post Ideas
  • LinkedIn Post Title
  • LinkedIn Post
  • Online Resume
  • Personal Biography
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